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Bahria Town

Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town is the biggest lodging venture of Pakistan. Bahria Town has lodging provinces in Islamabad and Lahore.

Where the verifiable social focal point of Pakistan, the immense city of Lahore, is significantly prized for its chronicled resources; urbanization has officially changed over its picture to a present day metropolitan. Hello there rise advancements and a steadily expanding populace thickness has bit by bit crawled over the normal greens that are a mark of the “land of the five waterways.

Bahria Town Lahore improvements bring back the soul of the place where there is the greens with a cutting edge touch. The ace plan restores the collective setting nearby the renowned Lahore Canal. Life is touched at Bahria Town Lahore improvement with the arrangement of the most traditional to most current intends to empower a total way of life.

Bahria Town Lahore improvements shape the skyline of the rich history of the place that is known for Punjab. It shapes the crossroads of a rich social and engineering history to a brilliant and dynamic future. Inconceivable fields bounteous with common green settings, have the most dynamic private way of life yet to be coordinated by some other improvement. Cultivate houses, customary home sort expansive land positions, economy lodging and lavish way of life are altogether blended to cut the most flexible and differing group. Wellbeing offices, stimulation, business and business openings build up Bahria Town Lahore as the occurrence put as of now. With the modern business area of Lahore arranged and a work in progress here; organizations and particularly new organizations are investigating their future with us.

The blossoming private plans sticking to this same pattern have encourage re-insisted business and way of life soundness of Bahria Town’s spearheading advancements.

Taking after are the most renowned lodging settlements of Bahria Town Lahore.

Awami Villas

Awami Villas is a minimal effort quality lodging open welfare extend situated on primary Raiwind Road, 13 kms from Thokar Niaz Baig inverse to Lake City Holdings.

“One home for each Pakistani” is the fantasy Bahria Town endeavors to satisfy without stopping for even a minute. Having an asylum is yet a human’s fundamental right and Bahria Town nearly relates itself with this essential guideline. Presently the lower center and underneath financial sections of Pakistan have a substantial arrangement to claim their own particular land and house at Bahria Town.

Safari Villas

Extend Attraction: Modern Enclave Community Culture

Extend Type: Turnkey Residential Housing Unit based Master Planned Community themed around Trafalgar Square

Unit Type: Villa’s accessible in various sizes (125 Sq. Yards, 175 Square Yards, 200 Square Yards, 250 Square Yards, 300 Square Yards)

Accessible: Residential Villasin different sizes (125 Sq. Yards, 175 Square Yards, 200 Square Yards, 250 Square Yards, 300 Square Yards)

Area: In the heart of Bahria Town Lahore, alongside Sector B

Points of interest:

Have you ever longed for your home to be a bit of workmanship arranged around a subject and taken well care of? All things considered, its time for you to understand your fantasy at Safari Villas Lahore.

Genuinely a bit of cutting edge engineering, restorative utilization of inside hues, freeing inward format and an amazing passage is the thing that Safari Villas are about.

Settled in the protection of a fortification sort yard, delegated with a topical focal garden with creature havens, sprinkling wellsprings and the reproduction of the celebrated fascinating London’s Trafalgar Square, Safari Villas is your imperial habitation Bahria Town.

Bahria Homes

Extend Attraction: Bahria Town introduces yet another creatively arranged group by the name of Bahria Homes.

Extend Type: 6 Marla, 3 Bed Stylish Villas

Installment Plan: Payment in simple portions of 2 years

Area: Situated 20 minutes from the Canal Road, Lahore, Bahria Homes has been inherent prime area that permits its occupants the isolation from the hustle clamor of the city while as yet being sufficiently close to wander into the heart of current Lahore.

Group Features

Worldwide Standard Schools and Hospital

Business Areas

Little Golf Course

Nourishment Court

Gold Class Cinema



Little Golf

Wide street coordinate with arranged streets

Bahria Town Corporate Head Office

Segment A

Extend Attraction: Green Gardens, accessibility of the total framework, first private lodging society in Pakistan with the underground links.

Extend Type: Fully created obstruct with finish framework

Accessible: Residential/Commercial plotsin different sizes 250Sq yards, 500Sq yards, 1000Sq yards

Area: At the section purpose of Bahria Town Lahore, along the Canal Bank before the Canal View Residency Adjacent to the Sukh Chayn Developments.

Points of interest:

Part An is the most seasoned, first and today the most sought after private plot based venture at Bahria Town Lahore! This division speaks to the essential improvement model of Bahria Town Lahore; Integrated Development. Completely cleared streets, underground power, gas, water, correspondence supplies gave these undertakings their most present day look that still displays in ebb and flow times. Wealth of “Green Gardens” has legitimately earned these parts the title of “The Garden Sector”.

Sector B

Extend Attraction: In heart of Bahria Town Lahore, with all components and offices at a minutes drive

Extend Type: Fully created hinder with finish framework

Area: Next to the Executive Lodges and Safari Villas, Bahria Town Lahore

Points of interest:

Put in the heart of Bahria Town Lahore, Sector B profits by its key area. All cutting edge offices and civilities in Bahria Town are strategically placed at a mobile separation from Sector B.

Specked with green parks and play areas, this is the ideal escape to comfort. A completely contained finish foundation with underground arrangement of links and utilities makes it the first of its kind in Pakistan.

Sector C

Extend Attraction: Residential and Commercial Hub of “Future Lahore”

Extend Type: Residential Master Planned Community

Unit Type: Plots in various sizes 250Sq yards, 500Sq yards, 1000Sq yards, 1000 Sq yards

Accessible: Commercial plots in different sizes

Area: Set inside the heart of Bahria Town Lahore, Adjacent to Sector B, Safari Villas and Overseas Enclave Lahore

Subtle elements:

The enormous achievement of Sector An and Sector B welcomed the dispatch of Sector C. By a wide margin the biggest single venture of Bahria Town Lahore. Division C guarantees to be the future business center for the “New Lahore”; a term now prominently connected with the late new advancements happening close by the well known Lahore Canal. As per its advanced and vital situating, a principle street of 210 feet wide has been set down crosswise over Sector-C to take into account the business stack. A 4 Km segment “Autonomy Drive” is distributed to tall structures on both sides of the 210 feet lane giving it the abundantly merited facelift.

Sector D

Extend Attraction: 5 Marla Pesidential Plots

Extend Type: Residential Master Planned Community

Plot Type: 5 Marla Pesidential Plots

Installment Plan: Easy 8 months portion arrange

Extend Status: Develpment work going ahead on a fast pace.

Propelled: July, 2011

Area: Located contiguous Sector C, Bahria Town Lahore, where a large number of families are appreciating civilities of a total way of life group.

Group Features


Bahria Town Monument

Group Center

Stimulation Center

Great and Sector Mosques

Bahria Town School and Medical University

Arranged parks

Islamic library

Business regions

Sector E

Taking after the Overwhelming Success of Sector D

Part E, Bahria Town Lahore

5,10 Marla and 1 Kanal Residential Plots

Ownership in 14 months | Payment in simple portions of 20 months


Found nearby Sector C and D, Bahria Town Lahore, where a huge number of families are getting a charge out of pleasantries of a total way of life group.

Group Features

Worldwide Standard Schools and Hospital

Business Areas

Smaller than usual Golf Course

Nourishment Court

Gold Class Cinema


Incredible Jamiah Mosque

Smaller than usual Golf

Wide street coordinate with finished streets

Sector F

Extend Type: Residential Master Planned Community

Plot Type: 10 Marla and 1 Kanal Residential Plots

Extend Plan: 24 months installment arrange

Begin Booking: Bookings have been shut.

It offers not but rather plots yet an entire way of life. Premium extravagance and no more reasonable cost.

Group Features

Universal Standard Schools and Hospital

Business Areas

Bahria Grand Hotel

Nourishment Courts

Gold Class Cinema

Taj Banquets

Amazing Jamia Mosque

Bahria Country Club

Gated Community

Sports Complex

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